Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Rainbow reminders

My first blog entry! My main purpose is really just to check this out and see if it is a good fit for a work-related project, but the byproduct of that is that I get to post all those random happenings and the thoughts that ramble around in my head for all to read, instead of just subjecting a few close friends to my delightful insights.

I try to live daily at the foot of the cross, and I try to look for what God is doing all around me, every day. So, I hope to share here some of the things that remind me of God's love for His whole creation.

So, I'll start with the double rainbow my sister and I saw a couple of nights ago. We were taking my brand-new car (okay, so it's 12 years old...but it's still brand-new to me!) to have some work done, and as we pulled into the mechanic's parking lot, I looked over and saw this stunningly beautiful double rainbow--it would have been beautiful anyway, but the really cool part was that it was coming over the top of a church, and the church's steeple rose toward the sky right inbetween the two rainbows. I could just hear the words God spoke to Noah, that when the rainbow appeared, "I will remember my covenant which is between you and me..."
Now, God never forgot His covenant, so He doesn't need to remember. But He knew that sometimes Noah would need to be reminded that God hadn't forgotten.

We need to be reminded too, sometimes. We forget how good our God is, we forget how much He loves us.

Have you forgotten how much God loves you? how good He is? Don't wait for a rainbow to recall His promises; go straight to His Word and read and remember and believe...and then choose to live at the foot of the cross.