Monday, August 6, 2007

Pray for the Harvest

I haven't gotten to have a garden in several years, but I'm hoping next year that will change. When I did have a garden, one of the things I hated was that sometimes when everything started coming in, it all started ripening so fast and so abundantly that I just couldn't use it all fast enough! So, tomatoes and squash would literally rot on the vine waiting to be picked. They were ready, but no one was available to go and pick them.

This weekend I heard a message from a missionary who has been staying in our mission home for a short time, and it reminded me that the whole world is just like one of those gardens. Jesus said, "the fields are ripe for harvest, but the workers are few."

As Christians, we should ALL be working in the field, picking the harvest...whether that field is someplace overseas, or on our very own street. We call Christ our Lord, but we don't make HIS priorities OUR priorities. And so we are not out bringing in the harvest because we're too busy out doing what WE want to do.

When I saw tomatoes and other vegetables out there ripe, but going to waste, I could have easily gone out and picked them and taken them to my neighbors, to my co-workers, or maybe given them to a fire station or police station in thanks for the services they provide. But I just let them rot; why? Because I had enough, I just didn't NEED anymore...and I was too self-centered to think about the fact that someone else might need them...

Do I treat Christ the same way? I've trusted Him for salvation, and I say He's Lord of my life...but do I act as if that's enough? Does it MATTER to me that there are still others out there who need Him? Well, it matters to Christ, more than anything else!

It's time more Christians join our "professional" missionaries out in the field!! Let's go bring in the harvest!! Tell someone the Good News about Jesus today!!

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